Perpective Art Exhibition 2017

The Perspective Art Exhibition spans three framed marquees namely the Bell Tower, the Churchill and the Wild Garden Marquees near the School Administration Offices.

Addy & Hoyle
addy and hoylHaving experimented with different media over the years both Simon and Lyn favour using acrylic or oils on heavily under-painted and gessoed surfaces. The texture and depth this produces is an important aspect of their work. Their choice of surroundings is evident in their deep earthy palette and constant refinement of surface and visual content. Lyrical, poetic titles draw the viewer into Lyn’s whimsical, vibrantly coloured paintings. Often deceptively simple, sometimes fascinatingly complex, Lyn’s works embody a unique style and gentle magic, that invite considered attention from the observer. Simon vindicates his love affair with the grape in his wonderfully witty and humorous “Commedia del Arte” jester series. These extremely detailed, finely wrought images act as a good counterpoise to his more serious, sensitive landscapes where he captures the atmospheric subtleties of the Clarens landscape. 

Alecia Steenkamp
alecia steenkampI paint a wide variety of themes. I look for the beauty in life which inspires me to put it on canvas or paper. I try to capture a moment in time. Last year I worked mainly with watercolour, but this year I am working with different media.  I am always learning and trying new ways to express what I want to convey.  



Ali Cockburn
ali cockburnMy style is contemporary/abstract, drawing inspiration from the ocean, its moods, the various life forms within it and the freedom one experiences when in or near it.   I work mainly with acrylics but have been known to embark on an oil creation.  However, I find the freedom and movement of acrylics to be my preferred medium. Different colours reflect my different moods – and this can clearly be seen in my work. As much as I like black, brown and taupe – especially in winter – my all-time favourite colour has to be white – I love the simplicity and freshness of it.  My paintings would not be what they are without it. I work from my studio on the beach front in Ballito and have clients all over South Africa as well as in New York and London.

allen hallett“Art you can pour over”.  Years of experience as a game ranger and safari guide in Africa have provided Allen with a vast knowledge from which to draw inspiration for his wildlife sculpting.   For 30 years Allen has worked in his KZN Midlands studio, undertaking many field trips to inspire his creativity.  His unbridled passion for African wildlife is portrayed in these treasured works, which have become world renowned collectibles.  He has also undertaken several commissions throughout Southern Africa and many of his edition pieces are in private collections throughout the world.  His international reputation as a wildlife artist is rapidly growing, with successful sales at Christies of London.  Last year he was commissioned by the Mabula Ground Hornbill project to create a life-size Ground Hornbill to be auctioned. The project raised over of R400 000!! Through art, Allen hopes to make a meaningful contribution to preserving Africa’s wildlife.

Amanda Leggat
amanda leggatI mainly paint with oil on canvas. I enjoy exploring all subjects but especially landscape and portraiture.




Annette Dannhauser
annette dannhauser2My paintings are whimsical, illustrative and fun, focusing on the good things in life.  I use acrylics on stretched deep edge blocked canvas. Come and escape with me into my dream world which is reflected in my paintings. My paintings are radiant and burst with colour and joy. Their symbolism helps you connect with your inner self.  Build your own bridges to your dreams and enjoy the beauty of life.



Belinda de la Mare
belinda de la mareI draw using Faber Castell polychromes, often finishing with oil paint. My work is realistic and I enjoy capturing fine detail. I love to draw a variety of subjects including birds, wildlife and portraits but I particularly enjoy drawing horses at work and at play. 




Bev Letard
bev letardMy work is both colourful and bright and has a distinct “Zen “feel about it.  It echoes a mixture of East and West.  I am known both locally and internationally for my Koi Fish works.  The Associated Koi Clubs of the USA recently featured me in their monthly magazine.  I have been asked to paint for the cover of the magazine and have also been asked to produce the artwork for the posters for an associated seminar in the USA.   Recently my work was featured in The Holland/Belgium Koi magazines.  Although I love painting fish I do paint other subjects as well.  At the moment it is birds. I am a watercolourist and have now been doing work on canvas using acrylic inks and a lot of water for my effects.  I run regular workshops in Umhlanga and particularly love teaching beginners.  My passion is painting the creatures of nature.

Bob McKenzie
bob mckenzieI paint in oils, having started this journey some fifty odd years ago. I would be considered an impressionist / realist and am driven more by quality light than the topic itself, so I end up painting a full range of subjects and truly don’t really have any favourites – maybe the ones that take me to the most exciting places! I enjoy the challenge of something new: this means getting out of your comfort zone and growth. Styles evolve, I believe, but remain basically recognizably “you”, influenced by the work of those the artist admires.  Thankfully for me, painting is a journey and not a destination.

Bronwen van Osch
bronwen van oschI enjoy painting a variety of subjects, in a variety of media.  I’m especially inspired by landscapes, the sea and objects appearing in both. My paintings tend to have an abstract slant and are free and colourful.




Carol Sacke
carol sackeMy style is free and impressionistic; my colour is monochromatic at times.   My current work, a new series of paintings, is based on wild seas and yachts.  I have been painting all my life, and am driven to help others through my art. I paint in honour of my daughter, to heal my soul and help other children with cancer.  



Chey Simpson
chey simpson
My recent paintings, mostly commissioned, are shore lines and seascapes, with an impressionistic feel. They are about the movement of the elements, moods and changing light. I am fascinated by the sunlight, the wind, and the effect these elements have on the ever changing mood of my surroundings.  I paint from my own photos but my paintings take on my own interpretation as I strip down to the emotion; colours become altered. Other subjects I paint are giant palms and banana leaves against the sky, the beauty of rambling sugar cane, animal life, monkeys and birds. I work in mixed media with oils, acrylic and metallic. I work across scale, but I love a large white canvas the most.  With interior and fashion diplomas and a career in decor buying for a leading retailer, interior space, styling, and where my paintings will live, is in my conscious when I paint.

Chris Khoury
chris khouryI believe a painting must tell a story, one that is satisfying to the creator and engaging to the viewer.  I love painting Africa – its wildlife, birds and sun drenched landscape.  In recent times my art has focused increasingly on the plight of the African elephant, especially the way in which the ‘big tuskers’ of Africa have been systematically exterminated by poaching. My passion for these animals goes back to the 1970’s when I came face to face with the bull “Shawu” in the Kruger Park.  I have a graphic arts background and underlining all my work is the ability to draw well.  Throughout the ages, artists have been the conscience of society. That is what I strive for in and through my art.  At the end of the day, I believe my art to be an expression of my passion for life. All life.

Chris Watcham
chris watchamChris paints in oil, creating scenes of landscape and wild life, capturing moments in time.  He paints *in washes of colour, building up the final colour to give life to his paintings and a colour perspective which gives the painting depth and perspective. His scenes are all chosen from his photographs of his travels all over Africa and wider afield.   The strongest influence in his life was growing up in, and getting to know, the untouched wilderness of the Kalahari in Botswana.  Hunting with San people as a small boy, and farming as a young man, taught him a respect and love for those never ending savannah plains.  Chris has exhibited successfully at Art in the Park, Artists under the Sun, Innibos,   Aardklop, Norscott Manor, Jan Smuts House and Boardwalk. He has sold to people from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, USA and India.

Christiane Jamar-Varney
christiane jamar varneyShe paints mainly South African landscapes, using oil on canvas in an impressionistic style.





Christine Lamberth
christine lambertMy primary interest in wildlife had its origins in the contemplation of nature. However, my work has now moved into a more subjective emotional observation of the dire straits in which the world’s fauna has remorselessly been plunged. It is my intention to redirect the gaze of the viewer from the romantic concept of the world’s wildernesses to a current worldview where the imminent danger of a disappearing species becomes the focus. The use of largely monochrome imagery lends a dramatic slant to the subject highlighting the form. The choice of a closely cropped image where the viewer will be drawn into a direct gaze of an animal is a deliberate choice. The image must confront and engage. The use of finely crafted images on newsprint and cardboard packing cases is to bring home the message of a commodity mad world.

Cindy Bonkewitz
cindy bonkewitzThe subject matter of my artwork is diverse, varying from sprawling landscapes to elegant birds, comprising various vibrant colours, and emphasizing the vivid colours and beauty of nature. The paintings are based on birds from all over the world, involving a mixture of different colours with an emphasis on the complementary colours, thus making them a definite eye catcher. The use of natural lines and painted texturized patterns give the artwork a sense of impressionism and/or realism. The focus on the artworks is usually the light source that defines the painting. I try to create a different perspective on the subject matter, and to capture an atmosphere as well. The media I make use of are predominantly acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas.

Cindy Powell
cindy powellI paint mainly in oils, but also often incorporate mixed media into my work. My subject matter can be quite varied, from people to landscapes, wildlife to Nguni cattle. I live and work in Rosetta, and I am positively influenced by the beauty which surrounds me. My paintings have often been described as bold and dramatic. 



David Johnson
david johnson
David works in pastels with bush veld, wildlife and cattle as his preferred subject matter.





Denise Beuke
denise beukeI paint in acrylics and oils and my subjects include wildlife, birds, landscapes, seascapes and pet portraits. Through my paintings I try to share my love of nature and bring awareness of the beautiful wildlife we are so blessed to share this earth with. I attempt to portray my subjects as accurately and real to life as possible.



Derek Millier
derek millierI portray wildlife in its natural habitat using pastel, oils and acrylics. My aim is to make people aware of our heritage of wildlife and wild places, much of which has disappeared in my lifetime. 




Des Freeman Group

This group comprises four artists:
* Des Freeman – a landscape and seascape artist.
* Andrew Mather- a landscape and seascape artist.
* Deirdre Schoultz – an artist who works in many media including ink, pencil and paint; her work is eclectic in nature.
* Johanni Ackermann – a portrait and still life artist. 

Ed Shroeder “FOCUS ON THE EYE”
Ed ShroederIn portrait photography it is essential to focus on the eye. If the eye is out of focus the photograph will not work. Equally important is that the eye reflects good light. I have tried to combine these two aspects of portrait photography. I have also tried to focus on the display as a whole, and not just on individual pieces, thereby creating an overall aesthetically pleasing presentation.  This year I have chosen wildlife as my subject and not Nguni cattle. Wildlife photography is very popular and possibly over-done, hence I have tried to convert my wildlife photographs into pieces of art, by focusing on the eye and creating a black background to accentuate the soft light on the subject.  Whilst the frame should never dominate the picture, it is very important in this instance to frame the photograph correctly to bring out its potential.

Florian Junge
Florian JungeI sculpt using welded reclaimed scrap steel. My inspiration is the natural world.





Fouche Studios (Leon & Ingrid)
Leon and Ingrid FoucheIngrid and Leon Fouche are two of South Africa’s most established and sought after wildlife artists. Working in soft pastels, acrylics and oils, they specialise in African wildlife and Nguni cattle. The realism that is achieved places their paintings in great demand.  Leon’s success in America is well established, and his work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the globe.


Gail Schaefer
Gail SchaeferBorn and raised in Kenya, with “safari” as my holiday style, my interests take on an African context, especially East Africa and its Arab influenced coastline.  I am primarily interested in portrait painting with a particular bent on domestic animals. Chickens and cows have their own special character that I cannot resist. I have a large pack of dogs and adore painting dog portraits on commission.  I also enjoy exploring botanical subjects.  I have been living in South Africa half of my life now, and the Pennington coast where I raised my children, and the Natal Midlands where my family also farm, now influence my work.

Gareth Roberts
Gareth Roberts I am a photographer who looks to tell a story beyond an image and create art from what I see around me. I observe from a more natural abstract perspective, often looking for patterns, contrasts and colours in the finer detail of landscapes. 




Grant WoodI have always had a love for and fascination with art – particularly watercolours.  Douglas Treasure of Fishoek and the late Richard Rennie from Clarens were artists I looked up to as mentors.  I also really value artists like Alvaro Castagnet and Nita Engele.  My art is displayed in various galleries, such as Green Gallery, Mount Edgecombe; Maytime in Kloof and Riverbend in Southbroom. I run a fully inclusive three day art workshop called ‘Umzumbe Beach Art Escape’ from Pumula Woods, located in our quaint little south coast village.  From property developer to part time retired artist is quite a leap but something I have always wanted to do. Watercolours are becoming popular again in South Africa and I have established a foothold into the beginnings of a market in the United States.

I am a keen mountain biker, cook and when the mood grabs, some fine weather surfing as well!

Helen Fleetwood
helen fleetwoodHelen Fleetwood is a self-taught artist who has painted from an early age.  She enjoys painting wildlife in a variety of media: oil, acrylic and pen and wash.  Helen spends as much time as possible in the bush, taking photos. She enjoys painting her own photos, applying the same principles of thirds for balancing and composing her artwork.  She also enjoys playing with negative space to highlight the animals and create breathing room for their pose or actions.  This results in clean, impactful paintings. Helen has fun creating ranges such as the Big 5-Little 5:  portraying a baby elephant interacting with an elephant shrew in a quirky, playful way.  It gave her great joy seeing how people, especially children, react to these  at Art in the Park.


Hilary Grant-Currie
hilary grant_currieHilary Grant-Currie has the privilege of living in rural Zululand with its wealth of natural beauty. Taking inspiration from her environment, the artist’s work investigates the relationship between the artist and her surroundings, capturing her dependence on, and love for nature, especially fauna and flora found in her immediate surroundings. Drawing with self-produced charcoal, the collected burnt matter is no longer a static element just observed, but an active co-participant.  As each produces its own individual characteristic marks, it makes the art not only an expression of the artist’s inner landscape but also a physical expression of her outer landscape. Though she works mainly in oils, she continuously explores new techniques and various media.  Currently she is enjoying charcoal and mixed media sketches of trees and birds which change and evolve during the process and it is this process that she finds exciting and challenging.


Ilma Matthews
ilma matthewsIlma is drawn to painting places which hold special meaning to her; environments that capture her imagination; places she enjoys revisiting; and surroundings that bring about a feeling of inner peace. She expresses those emotions and impressions in her artwork. Ilma is drawn to depicting tranquillity in her paintings and this appears as her main focus. Her joy in the use of colour and using that colour to determine the mood of each painting best describes her work. She largely works with seascapes, landscapes and the human interaction with nature in various forms. Her love of creating something that will draw others to appreciate its source is what makes Ilma express herself through her artwork. Her medium is oil on canvas.


Izolda van der Merwe
izolda van der merweMy work is inspired by everyday objects, situations and people. Working in mixed media, my art has pushed the limits of different application processes. This has opened up a world of possibilities in executing technique/creating art, pushing those boundaries in growing my style of art.  Being an avid gardener and collector of aloes and succulents, the geometric patterns and symmetry of the plant structures has fascinated me. There is a sense of order in their construction, which resonates with finding order in everyday life.  Great influences in my work are Hung Liu (a Chinese-born American contemporary artist) and Michael Carson (American painter). Their use of pattern and movement has added to the freedom of expanding my technique and breathing life into the canvas. Being aware of a “traditional” landscape or portrait style of painting has allowed me to transform that visualisation/surrealism of my mind into a visible reality.

Julia Forman
Julia FormanI describe myself as an abstract representational artist, focusing on the attitude and movement of my subjects. My work is about mark making, strong linear elements and fearless use of colour. These characteristics have become my signature and I continue to nurture them.



Julie Mayo
Julie MayoMy love for animals and quirkiness, combined with my love for period films and vintage/antique fashion and photography have recently inspired me to explore anthropomorphism, where I have had great fun combining the animal spirit with all things vintage in my paintings. To my delight this concept has been met with great enthusiasm by the local KZN art lovers, inspiring me to delve more deeply into this fantastical realm, and I look forward to exhibiting my latest work at The Hilton Arts Festival 2017!


Kathy Jacob
kathy jacobOil on Canvas – specializing in birds





Kerry Michau
Kerry MichauI specialise in watercolour painting which I have done since studying Fine Art at Stellenbosch University.  I am constantly challenged by this fluid medium which I love to use to portray a variety of subject matter including wildlife, botanicals and more abstract African landscapes.  With my landscapes in particular, I try to use watercolour in a vibrant, unconventional way depicting my own interpretation of African landscapes which are inspired by the changing of the seasons and weather patterns. We are fortunate to have spectacular landscapes and wildlife in our country and I try to capture elements of its beauty in my work.


Kim Perreira
kim perreiraI work predominantly in oils. I love to activate the surface of my canvas with a layer of bright colour/s before deciding what image will be most suited to paint onto it. All reference material is from my own collection of photographs.  Subject matter is varied, from seascapes to portraits and pretty much everything in between. 



Liz Campbell
liz campbellI studied fine arts in PMB under Jack Heath, working in 3 media: oil, water colour and etchings.  Most of my subjects are from nature as I have a background as a florist. My preference is for scenery in an impressionistic style.




Lorna Panzenbock
lorna panzenbockHer favourite subject matter is varied: landscapes, floral, figures and street scenes. She uses a “loose painterly style”!!




Marashene Lewis
marashene lewis My style is impressionistic and colourful. I love to paint the beauty of the Dargle/Natal Midlands landscapes as well as the exuberance of flowers in the local gardens. I use oil and acrylic. 




Maren Scharein
Maren SchareinMy works, in oil on canvas, are mostly expressionistic elements of nature, highly abstracted. Colour is the most important aspect and often the main ingredient of my work. My “Moonlight and Trees” series illustrates this.  For the dotted work I use acrylic on canvas.  Subject matter is often inspired by nature, various cultures or simply born in my mind.



Mat Louwrens

mat louwrensMat has been painting professionally for 36 years, concentrating on a number of subjects in a variety of the popular media: oils, acrylics, watercolours and sand paintings. When acrylics were introduced into SA, Mat was involved in the marketing and developed a system of using them as watercolours. He has held workshops throughout SA and in Canada. His Sand Paintings, which he pioneered, are unique in the world and have brought him international acclaim. They have brought his work into the investment market, combining investment value with beauty and are greatly valued    

Nicola Firth
nicki firthHaving studied Fine Art at UKZN, Nicki began painting professionally in 2009.  Drawing inspiration from daily life, frequent travels to the Transkei, Mozambique and weekends spent in the Midlands, she aims to create paintings that will enhance a living or working space, giving the viewer a feeling of serenity and contentment.  Her paintings are often described as ‘peaceful’ and ‘easy to live with’.  Nicki prefers to use her own photographs as references, and chooses to work mostly in oils as the colours are vibrant and achieve the required result.  She also enjoys experimenting with acrylics, texture paste and mixed media.  A regular exhibitor at Hilton Arts Festival for the past 9 years, Nicki’s work hangs proudly in local and international collections.

Paula Breetzke
paula breetzkeAs an artist I’m drawn to wildlife. I feel a deep connection to this country and continent; Africa is a place of so much beauty and rhythm. I’m captivated by the brief moments, captured by a wildlife photographer, that draw a myriad of emotions from the viewer: an elephant gently brushing her trunk over the skull of a predecessor, a male lion watching an old buffalo bull emerge out of a reed bed or the moment a springbok stands to attention, noticing danger. Life, death, family, survival, love & connection.   My hope is that my paintings stand simply on their own, that they express themselves without the necessity of words. I strive to create a connection between the viewer and the animal, to share a moment in time.  My style is somewhat stylized, graphic, and abstract, with an element of realism. I emphasize a play with colour.

Penny Meakin
penny meakinPenny is a professional artist living in Pietermaritzburg. Her passion for the African environment and its wildlife is depicted through her art, which encompasses African fauna and landscapes, in oils and acrylics. She has illustrated numerous books on birds and other wildlife, with her particular speciality being African game birds. Her work can be viewed on her website or at her home studio. 


Pippa Birkett
pippa birkettBeing married to a fisherman I am always on wonderful adventures and seeing such beautiful scenery. I love to paint landscapes of the Transkei, tropical Mozambique and farms in the Midlands. Recently I have also painted some winter bush scenes. Flowers will always feature in my exhibition as I believe everyone has to have a floral painting to freshen up the home and create happiness! I work in oil paint, with multiple layers of colours.   I studied Art at Stellenbosch University and have many creative outputs. I am very lucky always to get such great feedback that I keep painting and creating art for homes! 

Ryan & Jodie Loubser

ryan and jodie loubserJodie and Ryan studied graphic design at the Pretoria Technicon, studying under renowned SA artists Lynette Ten Krooden, Carl Jeppe ,  Annette Pretorius and Danie de Wet. Jodie’s extensive travels through Europe and SA have inspired her choice of subjects. She enjoys the freedom of experimenting with methods of applying paint. Each painting has its own story and emotion woven within the technique. 

Ryan draws inspiration from other South African artists including Pierneef, Boonzaier and Wenning. There is a privacy of emotion in his subject, which leaves the viewer with a memory of nostalgia. His painting “Spookhuis in die Reen” has been used on the cover of a poetry book, “Vloeibare Middelpunt” by Martjie Bosman.  Ryan and Jodie run their own travelling art gallery called THE LOUBSER HOUSE ART GALLERY. They bring their art and the art of fellow artists to the public by attending art shows all over SA.

Sarah Kelly
sarah kellyMy work has no significant symbolism or meaning; I paint because it’s simply beautiful.  Having lived all my life on a farm in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, the carefree farm life style has influenced my work. I obtained a B.A in Graphic Design from a Private Academy in Stellenbosch. I then went onto completing my Honours in Ceramics. My passion for painting and creating started from a young age, and, being self- taught, it has come naturally. My work reflects simple beauty, having no attached symbolism or meaning. It is purely my love for painting and nature. However, I do specialize in watercolour botanicals. I also love the loose and expressive quality of oil painting and mixed media. Having a very supportive family that has allowed me to live my dream of being an artist, I have always been encouraged to follow my passion.


Sarah Pryke
sarah prykeI create original, intricate and unique glass and mosaic artwork inspired by the incredible beauty of nature. I aim to capture not just the shape, pattern and lines of the subject and scene, but also their character and personality.   I work with different media and often combine a number of diverse media into a single artwork. I have a special affinity for glass, and I hand sculpt my own, often in kilns and over the flame torch (‘hot’ glass), to create original elements for each artwork. I also make my own ceramic tiles (often with glass) to produce unique colours, variations and textures that complement the artwork. Most of my artworks are three-dimensional incorporating both natural and recycled materials, thus placing the subject into a realistic and natural context.   My glass and mosaic artworks are exhibited and sold both locally and all over the world.

Sharleen Boaden
sharleen boadenMy art is my poetry and I find it best expressed in florals and whimsical figures. When painting with oils, I usually listen to Chopin, an artist whose music connects very deeply with me. Often I revert to my old love, drawing, and I especially enjoy using charcoal with oils to create a monochromatic sketchy painting. My work is often described as soft and romantic and can be found in many private collections. I am also represented by art galleries in South Africa and the UK.


Shirley Howells
shirley howellsFrom the first daub of paint on canvas I knew that what I really wanted to do with my life was paint. On the wrong side of fifty there was much to learn, achieve and absorb.  My style ranges from realism to what could be described as traditional, modern impressionism , with an underlying passion for colour and light.  I paint energy and movement.   I tell stories, share experiences, involve the viewers’ emotions.  I meander down the path of romantic florals, portraiture, rustic landscapes with ramshackle buildings, musicians with attitude and quiet kitchen moments. I have won various awards, had work accepted in prestigious showings, been published in an international book on Still Life, been featured in the SA Artist Magazine,  had work included in the collections of notable collectors. One of my works was used on the set of the Anant Singh movie, “A Long Walk to Freedom”.

Simon Venter
simon venterI have mainly worked in portraits, as my preferred subject matter, but my body of work includes landscapes, seascapes, still life and abstract pieces. My preferred medium is oil paint but I do also work in pencil. My inspiration for my style is van Gogh, Monet and Michelangelo. The era that most inspires me is from the more classical works up until the impressionists. Contemporary artists whose work I greatly enjoy are that of Cesar Santos and David Cheifetz.


Siyabonga Sikosana
Siyabonga_SikosanaMy work is about township scenes, I use acrylic paint on canvas my brush strokes are smooth with bright colours. My work depicts life around Edendel




Stooks Wilton
Stooks WiltonI started painting when I retired from farming in East Griqualand, KZN. This explains why many of my landscapes depict everyday farming scenes from this beautiful part of the world – cattle, sheep, and farm workers as they go about their days.  We are fortunate in South Africa to be blessed with amazingly diverse scenery and brilliant variations of light. I travel a lot, and endeavour to capture this play of light in my paintings of the Cape, our coastline, the Karoo, the Highveld, and our incomparable bushveld.  I consider it a compliment and huge honour to know that many of my paintings hang on the walls of homes and offices, not only here, but across the world.

Thea Burger
thea burgerI mainly work in oils. I love to paint flowers (still life) and landscapes. I have been painting full time for 10 years and have developed my own style which is contemporary and loose.




Tony DurrheimAfter attending a Louis Audie demonstration in East London in 2001, I was inspired to start painting and, the rest – they – is history. An avid surfer since 1971, my first love was the sea which immediately became a natural subject matter and comfort zone when painting.  The combination of art and sea came naturally. Colour, movement and mood have been dominant factors in my seascapes which have developed into a distinctive and recognizable style. My landscapes often include water and have also developed from my love of colour and water as well as the feeling of peace and tranquillity they evoke.

In 2003 I attended a painting week at Sunnyside Guest Farm, Clarens, where I was privileged and grateful to spend time painting in the company of many wonderful and talented artists. Their tips and advice were invaluable in the development of my craft.

Trish Visser
trish visser I paint mainly landscapes, derelict and forgotten buildings and farmsteads, Nguni cattle and seascapes. My work is in oils and, stylistically, is loosely traditional realism.




Veronica Herbert
veronica herbertVeronica Herbert is inspired by our incredible wildlife and wild, open spaces. She is competent in all media, but prefers watercolours for her bird studies which are executed on handmade paper which she paints in fine detail. Her landscapes are painted in oil and acrylic are more impressionist in style. Infinite horizons, threatening storms and the rich colours of autumn or winter are her favourite themes. She has her own gallery “Art on Victoria” in Pietermaritzburg. 


Willie Strydom
willie strydomWillie began painting later in life. His painting style is impressionistic and my subject matter is vast and varied: from street scenes, rural landscapes and seascapes to harbours and people.  He has displayed the determination of a man that knows what his goal in life is, and how to get there.  His most recent work is done in oil and acrylic on canvas, and he loves the vibrant colour this versatile medium gives him.  Willie’s colourful interpretations of life have found their way into galleries and private collections all over South Africa. Willie was featured in the latest Artist magazine with one of his paintings on the cover.

Wim Rautenbach
wim rautenbachSpontaneous freedom and honesty are the feelings which are evoked in my oil paintings. Light and form play an important part in the creative process. The work is neither static nor totally realistic but allows movement, light and atmosphere to be experienced.




Yvonne Lariviere
yvonne lariviereI am privileged to live in the Midlands with its beautiful scenery and farm life. It therefore comes as no surprise that my work includes farm scenes, which include horses, dogs, chickens and ducks. I also love to travel and visit our country’s delightful small towns, and many of the photographs that I take are reflected in the paintings that I create.  The late Carlo Sdoya was my mentor and I attended his weekly workshops for almost 5 years.  Most of my work is done in oil with palette knife.  I try to keep it ‘loose’, thereby moving away from realism.  My work can be found in galleries and in private collections locally and overseas. I hope you will enjoy and appreciate what I have created.