Out & About (Free Entertainment) 2018

Our international award winning marimba band teams up with the jazz band, strings and rap artists to bring you an entertaining program. Haydn and Goldfish are both on the menu! SAT 15th @ 09h00

The Crawford La Lucia Drumline returns to the Hilton Arts Festival to once again deliver their unique blend of traditional and modern Drumline beats. Always asking the question ‘What if?’, this Drumline continues to explore all possibilities, producing work that is creative, innovative and highly entertaining. Consisting of students from both the College and Preparatory Schools, this team of drummers is excited, once again, take you on a rhythmic journey as they deliver a passionate and energetic performance. With sticks in hand, you can expect a performance that is explosive, dynamic and humorous at times; one that will inspire you to tap, clap and drum along to the Crawford La Lucia Drumline. SAT 15TH @ 11H00    

Back from the World Choir Games: the Boys of Hilton will share their competition programme with you. Come and listen to African Folklore, Scenic Pop and The Voices of Hilton, recipients of a Gold Diploma at the World Choir Games. SAT 15th @10h00

A Maritzburg institution, the Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters consists of HUYTON WATTS (vocals, harmonica), BRIAN BEDINGFIELD (guitar, banjo, vocals), CHRIS BESTER (bass), CHRIS PALFRAMAN (drums) and ANGUS BURNS (guitar). Described variously as “the most eclectic folk band this side of the Limpopo” or a “collective multiple personality disorder”, the Hairies are always willing to try something new, including satirical observations of South African life.  They have won over audiences at clubs and festivals with the obvious joy they display towards their music, and their combination of harmony and humour.  Stylistically, the band are adept at folk, country and bluegrass, but if you have not seen them rock, then prepare to be entertained!FRI 14TH @18H00 TIL LATE

The Howick High School Band aims to make excellent music and to have a lot of fun while doing it. The band plays classic pop and rock tunes, with a bit of jazz thrown in, covering everything from Stevie Wonder to Radiohead.SAT 15TH @11H00

is an environmental adventure of zany characters who are on a search for their friend Pickersgill the Reed Frog.Puppetry,Songs,Dance and Lively storytelling make this rollicking piece entertaining for all ages.Come and meet Rusty the Barn Swallow,the annoyingly sedentary egg-laying turtles,Mr Palmnut Vulture,The Sleepy Hippo and get involved in the Bushveld action.Brilliant theatre for kids by kids!FRI 14th @11h00; @13h45;
SAT 15th @10h00; @13h00

Watch it! The Minkeys are back! This fun loving group of musicians were hand-picked for their acute sense of direction. Being acute is no joke, being so with a sense of direction, less so.  So Uber in, bring your cell phone, use the free wifi to update your OS, quaff quantities of red wine and try to settle the bill by cheque, or politely sip on a bowl of soup and watch the band.There will also be music, lots of very well played music, expect anything….anything from Hey Nonny nay to modern Gatsby Electro Swing, expect the French Riviera, expect the rolling plains and bustling byways of African diaspora,  expect the Spanish inquisition (musically speaking).   The band features the sultry Caleb Frow on Drums, Elctropad and vocals; Mikail Leon Maduray on the Four String Bass (how does he do it?!?); Neil Gonsalves on Keys, that weird mouth organ piano thingy and his phone (is it a music making app or is he scrolling musically?); Zoe Masuku on vocals and backing vocals (she’s that good); Tom Hare on just about anything he can get his mitts on (watch your wives and daughters); and Daniel Sheldon (who, for the sake of the fans who pay good money, at least one rousing vocal number) otherwise on Trumpet, but mostly just on stage.  “They really do try. Go Caleb!!” – Mrs Frow No.1 fan and mother-of-the-Drummer “If I’d have only know they would be there” – Rafl Zaborl “Five Stars!!! ..wait..what?” – Oscar Treadzwell “Does you good to get out.” – Kurt Dnagwelzl “Never heard of them.” – Charles Dalouneyasabowski (Charlie Dee to his friends)SUN 16TH @12H00

John Ellis   JOHN ELLIS
John Ellis is a singer-songwriter from Durban, South Africa. The former front-man for Tree63, John lectures, writes, records and produces other artists. His third solo album, “Tells”, was released in May 2017.  He will entertain you in the Bistro.FRI 14TH @19H00

Soul singer, Jono Johansen,  made an impact on South African audiences on the inaugural version of The Voice in 2016. While Jono didn’t claim the title, he was a finalist, and a firm favourite. He was quickly snatched up by Universal Music Group, signing a lucrative deal with the label shortly after the show ended. The 20-year-old, originally from the Dolphin Coast, is also an esteemed pianist & guitarist, and talented musical composer having studied music after completing matric. Jono is a double world champ chorister, having triumphed at the Cincinnati World Choir Olympic Games in 2012, and again in Riga in Latvia in 2014, in the “Scenic Pop” category. From contemporary training at Kearsney College and the Drakensberg Boys Choir School where he did classical vocal training, while at the same time studying rock on guitar, and classical piano, Jono has studied to Licentiate level in Classical Voice and Jazz Guitar. He says it was when he studied jazz that he found his true calling. Throughout this time though, he still performed all styles of music on stages in and around Durban, as well as in Johannesburg and Cape Town. After matriculating in 2015, Jono enrolled to study jazz at UCT but soon de-registered to enter The Voice SA with songstress, Lira, as his coach. Jono is presently writing and recording music for his debut album, scheduled for release in 2018. Jono released his debut single “Cracks in the Pavement” in July 2016, it has played on all major radio stations such as Highveld, 5FM, East Coast Radio, KFM and Good Hope FM.  His music video for this song plays regularly on Mnet. He also released a single with SAMA and Metro award winning songstress, Kelly Khumalo, called “What If”.SAT 15TH @12H00 – 15H00

Afro Divas, one of the most exciting and versatile groups in KZN, is a female group composed of four vocalists: Yolanda Cenge, JamyLee Simons, Khutala Cenge and Ntombi Cenge featuring strong lead vocals and fabulous harmonies. Afro Divas has been working and mentored by Philani Ngidi who is a well-known and experienced Jazz musician. Afro Divas have performed in Dubai International Jazz Festival, in Scotland at the 2014 Common Wealth Games in Glasgow and in Tanzania for a South African Day. They have performed for the The Chef Awards, Mayoral Awards, The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gala Dinner at the Durban I.C.C, South African Commonwealth Games Launch, The BRICS events, for the President at the D.T.I Gala Dinner in Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg and for Oude Meester where Jamie Fox was the keynote speaker. They have shared a stage with Hugh Masekela, Phuzekhemisi, Mahotella Queens, Freshly Ground, Rod Stewart and Micassa. Afro Divas has also released a single cd titled “Africa Unite”. Their Music Genre consists of Afro Jazz, Latin Jazz, New School Pop and Old School Pop.SAT 15TH FROM 12H00 AND FROM 18H15

“You know back in the day there would have been wolves here. And that’s us. We’re the wolves now. And its important people know that.” 
 A girl called Antler steps out of her front door and throws her phone on the ground. She stamps on it. She then climbs the tallest tree in the park. She doesn’t want to be found, not by anyone. Seven teenagers’ lives all intertwine over the course of a single evening as they make their way through the park on a seemingly normal Autumn’s night. Remote is a play about protest, power and protecting yourself. Remote was originally a play for young people, commissioned by the National Theatre of London. During the spring of 2015 more than 60 young groups across the UK performed the play. The play has since been performed internationally and Durban Actors Studio are proud to bring you the South African premiere.  For the Hilton Arts Festival our KickstArt/Durban Actors Studio Youth Theatre Project performance troupe will be performing selected scenes as street theatre to tempt you into Durban towards the end of the year to watch the full production.SAT 15th @11h00; @12h30; @14h00; @15h30

Annually Durban Actors Studio runs a Shakespeare production programme to educate young performers about Shakespeare, this includes the understanding of text, language and as well as understanding the context of each piece. This year, the Senior Durban Actors Studio cast will be showcasing Richard III, a historical-play. In our adaptation of Richard III, the young performers have been challenged to relate the themes of the play to their school career. Using this motif, the play takes place in a schooling environment with a boarding establishment and gives a personal look into how the students of today view each other through the schooling system; it’s all about power, whether it’s about becoming head boy or knowing people in high places, this play shows an environment where the learners of the institution are highly competitive, especially Richard. This adaptation pays attention to the severity, pressures and struggles of power in a schooling environment, that it isn’t all about learning when the kids get dropped off, but a different game is being played behind the school gates.SAT 15th @11h15; 15th@14h30

‘Take Note’ – a compact Durban based band that is flexible, varied and comfortable. At heart a quiet, light jazzy-and-pop-style band, the group includes four experienced core musicians (Oliver Hart, Melody Gordon, Alec MacKay and Jill Murraybrown) which can be enhanced by adding members (saxophonist, guitarists, and a bevy of vocalists) for specific occasions. Guitarist Keith Fordyce and power house vocalist Beverly Heath, will be performing with Take Note for some solid Rock and Blues. Known as LMB (LITTLE MUSIC BAND) as a duo, Keith and Bev are well known on the music circuit around KZN. Ollie Hart and Jill Murraybrown were formerly with Mario Monteregge’s MUSIC UNLIMITED BIG BAND, Alec Mackay with RONNIE SCOTT, Jazz Ensemble, Melody Gordon with Blues Band, REBUS. Their repertoire ranges from the 1920s to 2015, covering genres from standards and grooves, to classic Jazz, Latin, Continental, show tunes, country and rock, swing, blues and pop.SAT 15TH @18H00 TIL LATE

Gary Nixon and Rudi Greyvenstein have been friends since school days in Scottburgh. Thanks to their talent for song writing and performance, they have played over a thousand gigs around Southern Africa since 2009. The Kickstands pride themselves on being able to perform at intimate venues as well as major festivals and showcase events. They’ve had the privilege to perform amongst and support some of South Africa’s most popular artists such as Goldfish, Just Jinjer, Goodluck, Albert Frost, Dan Patlansky, Arno Carstens, Matthew Mole, Gangs of Ballet, Desmond & the Tutus and Mango Groove. Without radio support, their live performances have carried a unique, improvised and energetic acoustic sound around Southern Africa gaining fans along the way, all the while fine-tuning their craft. Most of all, enjoying the journey.SUN 16TH @12H00 – 15H00

Thembelihle School, in collaboration with Hilton College Dramatic Arts Troupe, presents local performing talent. Please join us in celebrating the youthful and joyous sounds of the Thembelihle children in a contemporary narrative and dance performance, under the direction of the Hilton College Drama teachers, Thando Mahlangu and Cal Bray. Through providing holistic care and quality education to underprivileged children within the rural communities of uMngeni, Thembelihle inspires tomorrow’s leaders for a prosperous and peaceful future. Experience and share in their story and join the movement of change.SAT 15TH @10H00; 10H30; 12H15; 13H30 
SUN 16TH @10H00; 10H30; 12H15; 13H30