Lectures, Movies, Workshops 2017

Docufest Africa-1   DOCUFEST AFRICA As a companion to the World Press Photo Exhibition at this year’s Hilton Arts Festival, Africa Media Online will be hosting DocuFest Africa a documentary and archives mini-festival. Using a lecture format with visual presentation, eight leading South African photographers and curators will speak about their work or about significant South African collections. The aim of the festival is to give the audience at the Hilton Arts Festival exposure to South Africa visual storytelling and archival collections that are seldom seen by the public but which carry great weight in terms of significance for the history and identity of the country. The presentations are expected to be highly interactive. A ticket to the World Press Photo exhibition will qualify you for access to the DocuFest Africa presentations. See also World Press Photo Exhibition.DATES AND TIMES FRI 15TH @17H30, 19H30 SAT 16TH @10H00, 13H00, 16H00, 18H30 SUN 17TH @10H00, 13H00 TICKET PRICE : R120.00 PRICE INCL IN WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBITION TICKET VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE A, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

Aladdins Workshops   ALADDINS-DE-LIGHT WORKSHOPS CROOKES BLOCK Jan and Louise van Niekerk are stained glass specialists, with over 30 years’ experience in this exciting craft. Louise is also a ceramic artist with a wealth of knowledge and tips. Their workshops are practical, fun and informative. At Hilton Arts Festival they will be offering stained glass, pottery and mosaic workshops for all ages:1 Day Stained Glass For BeginnersFri 15: 10h00 – 17h00  R 1 200 (all inclusive – deadline for booking  8th Sep) PRE-BOOKING ESSENTIALMake a Pottery Mug (All ages)Sat 16: 10h00; 11h00; 12h00 R 190TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. “So, you’ve always wanted to do pottery” – Pottery for adults Sat 16: 14h00 – 16h00  R 290 TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR. Mosaic Workshops (All ages) Sun17: all day until 15h00 (every hour) R 20 class fee excludes materials TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR.

A Life Less Ordinary   A LIFE LESS ORDINARY Documentary photographer and commissioned photographer to Nelson Mandela, Matthew Willman leads ‘a life less ordinary’. Join Willman as he takes his audience on a journey behind the scenes of working with some of the most famous names, forgotten places and communities in South Africa and around the world. At 38 years old, Willman has used his remarkable talent in photography, his personality and sheer determination to reach out and define for himself who we are and what we have shaped ourselves to be. Willman’s commission in Southern & East Africa photographing for International Aid agencies, alongside his passion for ballet, working with some of the world’s most influential dance companies in the USA and Europe, is all in a day’s work for him.  “Matthew is a remarkably talented young man and I am thrilled to see the quality of the work he is producing. We have been enriched by many cultures, languages and faiths, it is a heritage in South Africa to be shared, experienced and celebrated as is the diversity of our landscapes, our wildlife, our villages and towns.” -  Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @13H00 TICKET PRICE : R80.00 VENUE: LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ;ALL ICON  LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 90 MINS

A Significant Life   A SIGNIFICANT LIFE The story of a young boy who committed his life to finding Mandela. In 1995, at the age of 15, when Matthew Willman was put into boarding school there was only one thing holding his life together and that was his dream one day  to  meet  Nelson Mandela. Willman takes his audience deep into Mandela’s world through his 9 year journey to shake this great man’s hand and his subsequent 10 years working as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. For the first time ever, Willman shares never before seen images and reveals amazing stories from his incredible journey of commitment to his country and to Nelson Mandela himself.  “Willman brings great enthusiasm to his professional work. He is sensitive to his subjects and understands the ethical issues around being a photographic documenter. He is articulate, diplomatic and with a good sense of humour.” Oxfam International. “We believe Mr. Willman to be a world-class talent whose striking and evocative images deserve to be exhibited on the World stage.” Nelson Mandela Foundation. DATES AND TIMES SUN 17TH @10H00 TICKET PRICE : R80.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 90 MINS

african odyssey   AN AFRICAN ODYSSEY Rob Caskie creates a story before your very eyes! This young country of ours has a fascinating and complex history.  This story deals with early inhabitants and the arrival of the Nguni people.  One of them became the military genius, Shaka, with major implications.  Religious persecution and poor standards of living resulted in a miscellany of Europeans arriving in the Cape after 1652. British rule, taxation and slavery eventually led to the Great Trek.  Some emphasis will be given to the development of the mighty Zulu nation, particularly appropriate in Natal's history. Along with the discovery of diamonds and gold, all this creates a kaleidoscope of characters and intrigue worth sharing.  As always Rob shares these stories from a human perspective and the character sketches are beguiling. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @10H00 TICKET PRICE : R100.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 50 MINS

Emperor Shaka   EMPEROR SHAKA THE GREAT - A Zulu Epic Mazisi Kunene; talk by Mathabo Kunene. Mazisi Kunene is the much-celebrated author of epics, such as Emperor Shaka the Great (UNodumehlezi KaMenzi) and Anthem of the Decades (Inhlokomo Yeminyaka), as well as numerous poems, short stories, nursery rhymes and proverbs that amount to a collection of more than 10 000 works.  He went into exile in the 1960s for more than 34 years, during which time he established and managed the African National Congress office in London and later moved to Los Angeles with his family to pursue his academic career. In UNodumehlezi KaMenzi (Emperor Shaka the Great), which he wrote during this exile period, he positions Shaka as a legendary thinker, who had great skill as a strategic and military genius. This vision acknowledges and re-imagines Shaka as a unifying cultural and political force that defined the cohesive Zulu nation. Kunene projects Shaka into the mythical ancestral universe that affirms the deep cultural lineage of the African world view. This reprinted English edition is published with the isiZulu edition on the tenth anniversary of his death, embracing Kunene’s original dream to have his work published as intended in the original isiZulu form. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @11H30 TICKET PRICE : R80.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE A, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

Fellini_updated   FOOD IN THE FILMS OF FEDERICO FELLINI Presented by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura in Pretoria in partnership with the Association Fondazione Federico Fellini, Rimini Municipality, Dept of Culture of Emilia-Romagna Region.  As well as an exhibition of the Maestro’s drawings, there is a screening of two short movies. Food in the Cinema of Fellini, an editing by Guiseppe Ricci of the majority of sequences in Fellini’s movies in which food appears. Long Journey (1997), a short animation by Andrej Khrzhanovskij based on the Maestro’s drawings with screenplay by writer and poet Tonino Guerra.  Both fims will be screened in one session only. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @15H00 TICKET PRICE : FREE  VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : 15+ ICON : MOVIE SCREENING RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

Hazara   HAZARA: Writing a Family Memoir Have you ever thought of writing your family’s story, or at least pulling together the facts? Award-winning novelist and former editor of The Witness, John Conyngham,  will  talk about why and how he wrote his family memoir, Hazara: Elegy for an African Farm, and will provide advice on how you could do the same. In his talk, Conyngham will use historic photographs from his book to bring back to life a world that has largely slipped into the past.  Hazara is the name of a sugar farm, formerly owned by Conyngham’s family and named after his grandfather’s regiment in the British Indian Army.  In the tradition of memoirs such as Blixen’s Out of Africa,  Hazara is a multi-layered tapestry of Anglo-South African life. It is centred on a family and its farm, with its homestead in a park-like garden among sugar-cane fields, with a distant view of the Indian Ocean. It is about sons fighting in wars and daughters nursing in military hospitals. It is about tennis parties, and drinks on the veranda. It is about people who love Africa but know that they don’t fully belong. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @11H30 TICKET PRICE : R50.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

isiShweshwe   isiSHWESHWE:  A History of the Indigenisation of Blueprint in South Africa By Juliette Leeb-Du Toit. The cross-cultural usage of a particular cloth type – blueprint – is central to South African cultural history. Known locally as seshoeshoe or isishweshwe, among many other localised names, South African blueprint originated in the Far East and East Asia. Adapted and absorbed by the West, blueprint in Africa was originally associated with trade, coercion, colonisation, Westernisation, religious conversion and even slavery, but residing within its hues and patterns was a resonance that endured. The cloth came to reflect histories of hardship, courage and survival, but it also conveyed the taste and aesthetic predilections of its users, preferences often shared across racial and cultural divides. In its indigenisation, isishweshwe has subverted its former history and alien origins and has come to reflect the authority of its users and their culture, conveying resilience, innovation and adaptation and above all a distinctive South Africanness. An art historian who has a particular interest in African and South African art, Juliette Leeb-du Toit has also had a lifelong interest in design and textiles. She is currently engaged in the recovery of modernisms in design history, the impact of German modernism in South Africa and the impact of China on the arts in South Africa. DATES AND TIMES SUN 17TH @11H30 TICKET PRICE : R80.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE A, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

JH Pierneef    J H PIERNEEF: A period of discovery and mastery. Alastair Meredith presents a brilliant, well-illustrated and fascinating lecture on both the context in which Pierneef painted, his life, the commissions, the travel and dispelling some of the associated labels that have been given to him. A Pierneef was recently sold for R 20 million – a new world record for his work. After completing his Bachelor of Arts (Art History and English Literature) at the University of Edinburgh, Alastair attended Cambridge University where he completed his Master’s degree. His PhD thesis, which focused on Jan Juta, has also recently been accepted at the same institution. To this end, Alistair has presented various papers on Juta and the European influence on his painting at art history symposia and conferences at Cambridge University and Columbia University. Alastair has also taught undergraduate students, focussing primarily on British painting. Since joining Strauss & Co, his professional interests have grown to include the curatorial aspect of displaying artworks and the way this display reflects the development of South African art history. He has a keen interest in twentieth-century South African painting. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @16H30 TICKET PRICE: FREE VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE B, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : 16+ ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 90 MINS

Richard Haslop   LISTENING WITH RICHARD HASLOP Richard presents three fascinating sessions to intrigue music fanatics. The Weirdest Music I Ever Heard – In 1903, at the railway station in Tutwiler, Mississippi, musician, composer and self-styled Father of the Blues WC Handy heard a ragged stranger playing the guitar by sliding a pocket knife across its strings and singing a repetitive refrain about going “where the Southern cross the Dog”.  Though he called it “the weirdest music I ever heard”, it changed his life. Slide guitar styles, from Hawaiian to Hindustani, from lap to pedal steel, from the rudimentary one-string diddley bow to some of the most blistering guitar playing in captivity, have become a regular, evocative and often thrilling component of folk, blues, rock and country music and several places beyond. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @10H00 TICKET PRICE : FREE VENUE : CAMPBELL HALL DININGHALL AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS For The Sake Of The Song – The seventies was the decade of the singer-songwriter and South Africa had its share of good ones.  Colin Shamley, John Oakley-Smith, Edi Niederlander, Syd Kitchen, Tony Bird, Roger Lucey and several others had little exposure beyond the few hundreds they played to in the local folk clubs and at the occasional folk festivals of the time, but the songs they wrote and sang constituted a vitally important, if hardly heard, body of South African music. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @12H00 TICKET PRICE : FREE VENUE : CAMPBELL HALL DININGHALL AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS When I’m President – Some years ago Tom Russell sang, “If Uncle Sam sends the illegals home, whose gonna build your wall?”  While the new man in the White House is considering that, he might do worse than listen to a soundtrack comprising songs about the US presidency and its practitioners, and there have been some beauties, from Gil Scott-Heron’s B Movie and Re-Ron through Frank Zappa’s Dickie’s Such An Asshole and the Ramones’ Bonzo Goes To Bitburg to Phil Ochs’s Crucifixion, Norman Blake’s Lincoln’s Funeral Train and songs about Obama in both Swahili and less than complementary English. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @14H00 TICKET PRICE : FREE VENUE : CAMPBELL HALL DININGHALL AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

Living Art Demonstration_updated   LIVING ARTS For the first time at Hilton, a new initiative has been launched allowing interested art lovers to get a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse at what the process of creativity is all about.  Watercolourist, Grant Wood and oil maestro, Tony Durrheim,   will perform 3 demonstrations each.  Grant will be painting boats and reflections on the Friday, a seascape on Saturday and an African street scene on Sunday showing off all the tricks which many people find daunting when they embark on applying watercolour techniques to paper.  Tony will start on Friday with a stormy Karoo scene with a windmill and wet road, mainly using a painting knife. On Saturday he will tackle a seascape with waves breaking on rocks (showing wave movement) and on Sunday a back lit rocky forest stream with reflections and submerged rocks.  Should be great fun but booking is essential as space is limited. GRANT WOOD                                                   TONY DURRHEIM FRI 11H00                                                            FRI  13H45 SAT  14H00                                                          SAT 11H00 SUN  11H00                                                         SUN 13H00 TICKET PRICE : FREE VENUE : CROOKES BLOCK AGE : ALL ICON : ART RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS

Untitled   UNTITLED: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa Edited by Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston and Ben Cousins. A title deed = tenure security. Or does it? The authors of a recently launched publication by UKZN Press, “Untitled: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa” analyse the complexity of systems of land tenure in contemporary South Africa. The book, which is the first to look at land tenure in both rural and urban areas, explores the implications for land reform and development policies. The majority of South Africans do not gain access to land and housing through title deeds but through very different processes, which this book calls social or off-register tenure. These tenure systems are poorly understood, a gap the book attempts to address. The book reveals that ‘informal’ and customary property systems can be well organised, often providing substantial tenure security, but lack official recognition and support. This makes them difficult to service and vulnerable to elite capture.  Donna Hornby currently works for the Association for Rural Advancement, a land rights NGO in Pietermaritzburg, and has post-doctoral research fellowship at the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape. DATES AND TIMES SAT 16TH @14H30 TICKET PRICE : R80.00 VENUE : LECTURE THEATRE A, CENTENARY CENTRE (UNRESERVED SEATING) AGE : ALL ICON : LECTURE RUNNING TIME : 60 MINS