Forthcoming Event



Friday 27 July 7pm (Duration 75 minutes with Q&A)

Adults:  R80

Scholars:  R60 – accompanying staff free

Compulsory for ALL Drama boys in Grade 10, 11 & 12

Includes a Q & A with James Cairns, the actor, after the performance

Gambling with the Devil is such a bad, bad idea.  But Billy Markham - he's been on the scene for years, he's been cut and bled a thousand times, and his eyes are wise and sad. Hell, he ain't afraid to roll them devilish dice.   “If you're lookin' for some action, friend, well, I've rolled them dice before."  Sarah Roberson of  The  Critter  says “James  Cairns  is  the  rough-n-tough  hustlin’  Billy  Markham.  And the playful, charming devil.  And our lisping narrator.  And the shaky, slimy, agent-to-the-hustlers, Scuzzy Slezzo. Oh, and god, who plays an impressive game of pool. Cairns has mastered the one-man storytelling show; he’s a master manipulator of his voice, face and body in creating a handful of distinctive characters who pull us along for the ride (this time via hell, and heaven too).” Better the devil you know …you know… Produced by  Contagious Theatre, starring James Cairns and directed by Jenine Collocott.



Thursday 26 July 7pm (Duration 80 minutes including Q&A)

Closed performance for the school.

Grade 8 – 11 compulsory

Staff and families – free

Includes a Q & A with the cast after the performance

Winner of the Best Youth Production at the 2016 Naledi Theatre Awards, this play is an imaginative journey through the childhood of Nelson Mandela, featuring colourful characters, vividly portrayed in beautiful masks, with physical performances supported by emotive sound design and theatrical styling.  1918 marks the birth of Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela as well as the Afrikaner Broedebond.  Here we watch the story of two opposing forces with different upbringings, natures, backgrounds and intentions developed in parallel and destined to one day confront each other in a battle for the ultimate freedom of South Africa for all South Africans.  This is a light-hearted, gently told story, not a political diatribe.  “Innovative physical comedy … an unmitigated delight … a joy to watch.” -Christina Kennedy, Business Day.  “A playfulness that pulls you into the heart of the production.”- Diane de Beer, The Star.  “Soars with clean narrative lines, superb physical theatre, humour and pathos …it will wow not only festival goers, but the world.” – Robyn Sassen , The Arts at Large