Zulu Bird Names and Bird Lore

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Venue: Lecture Theatre A

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Company: Hilton Arts Festival

Anyone with an interest in birds and how they are named will enjoy this talk. The underlying meaning of bird names in the
Zulu language is fascinating and has played an important role in Zulu proverbs, riddles and in extolling the praises of kings, chiefs and individuals. Bird lore includes the traditional Zulu cultural beliefs about birds, such as their roles as portents of ill fate, bad or good omens, harbingers of the seasons, or as the subject of taboos. Examples are: the Bateleur Eagle (ingqungulu), which is linked to war and the Red Chested Cuckoo (uphezukokhono), to the start of the ploughing season. Zulu Bird Names and Bird Lore also shows the role that (new) bird names can play in conservation education and avitourism.


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