Hilton Arts Festival - The Good Racist

The Good Racist

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16 Years +
Falcon Tent

Age Restriction: 16 Years +
Company: Hilton Arts Festival

Outspoken reader, pepper-sprayer of the stupid and award-winning comic, John Vlismas takes us on a hilarious journey back to the recorded start of our nation’s turbulent history in his new, clean one-man show. As the curtain rises, he traces an intelligent, brilliantly funny and brutally honest line from the cradle of mankind to the present stupidity of Sparrows. “Our real history is much more complicated and ridiculous than most people realize – the Voortrekkers were not saints, Mahatma Ghandi drank urine, Shaka was a kind of Hitler and Mugabe may have had some valid points about Britain……we tend to rely on ‘Chappie paper’ facts whenever we attack each other…… maybe our common enemy is ignorance?” says Vlismas, the only white person to ever receive death threats from Steve Hofmeyr! “I think it’s high time we declared war on stupidity – it’s the only way to win this thing.”

John Vlismas talks about REAL issues – you’ll laugh AND you’ll learn! “Funny and brilliant! John Vlismas at his best!”


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