Hilton Arts Festival - James Cairns Against Humanity

James Cairns Against Humanity

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Price band 1 Seats

R175.00 Price band 1

Price band 1 Seats

R175.00 Price band 1
All Ages
Memorial Hall
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Age Restriction: All Ages

This is Improvisation Theatre.  What’s that? – “a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up” as you go along.  Every show is different, funny and sometimes quite outrageous.  No-one knows where the story will go.  The audience makes suggestions but no-one gets dragged on stage and asked to be a giraffe.  You’ve got James Cairns and you’ve got Humanity and only one of them leaves alive.    Audiences – some came not knowing what to expect and left laughing, sides aching.   Others, ….well, they knew all about improv
and were cool until they cracked up.  Some couldn’t be kept off the stage so keen were they to offer their suggestions …. but that’s all right, they still weren’t asked to be a giraffe!
  Two things though – [1] bring the whole family and [2] this is the most entertaining hour you’ll spend at Hilton 2018 so buy your ticket now.


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