Buddha in Africa

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Venue: ABSA CFI Lecture Theatre

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R85.00 Full Price

Company: Hilton Arts Festival

South Africa, 2019,
90 minutes

Director: Nicole Schafer

Nicole Schafers delicately observed documentary about a Chinese Buddhist orphanage in Malawi poses complex questions about race, imperialism, faith and culture. Set against the backdrop of Chinas growininfluence on the African continent, the film focuses on Enock, a Malawian teenager from a rural villagcaught between the two very different worlds of his traditional African culture and the strict discipline of
Confucianism. Enock was once the star of the school, with dreams of becoming a martial arts hero like Jet Li. Now, in his final year of school, he has to make the difficult decision as to whether he will return to
village life or travel abroad to study in China. Buddha in Africa offers a subtle exploration of the impact of soft cultural power on the identity and interior life of a young boy and his community.


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