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Venue: Falcon Tent

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R170.00 Full Price

Company: Hilton Arts Festival

Last year saw Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert in their hilarious production ‘Marriage For Dummies!’ In 2019, this hugely popular husband and wife team return in a brand new musical comedy! ‘BLOOPERS!’

Ever wondered why most laugh at misfortunes and ‘bad things’ that might befall others? An instictive coping mechanism, perhaps? Is this unfortunate reaction the product of a terrible upbringing? Appalling manners? – Might it be a ‘relief’ response? Ill-disguised glee that
somehow, whatever it was,didn’t happen to you!

Stop following others fiascos in guilt – edged silence (secretly stifling a giggle) on Social Media!!!  Get to the theatre! See it live! Let rip and laugh yourself silly along with
an audience who are dong the same!

Join Master of Mirth, Aaron McIlroy and Mistress of Merriment,Lisa Bobbert in their brand new, smash-hit, high-class, all-round ‘sock-it-to-them’ comedy presentation! ‘BLOOPERS’! Together, these legends of social observation, boldly go where no intelligent person should,
rugby-tackling subjects from Cultural Appropriation to Cannibis Oil! Landfills to Land Grabs! Hand Grabs to Grab Hands! State Capture to Cape Stature! All the ridiculous antics and actions of human beings!
 Backed by a Rocking Musical Beat!

“’Bloopers’ is jam-packed with laughs and songs that is a perfect cocktail to wash
away the blues.”… Billy Suter


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