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Concert/Recital/Performance (50 to 75 mins – no interval)
Tel: 033 383 0127
Cel: 082 469 7222

All applications close 31 May.

Should you wish your production to be considered, please read the following details and then supply the required information.

All performances (theatre, comedy, music and lectures) are by invitation only.

The festival offers three basic deals.

  1. Your performance is bought by the festival for a fee
  2. The Festival offers a split risk scenario
  3. The festival makes a Fringe offer whereby you pay a rental and a percentage of profit but carry the risk yourself

Before offers are made, the Festival requires you to submit a budget – see below
The festival has 14 performance venues. All venues are technically equipped to suit the selected productions.

  • The Grindrod Bank Theatre seating 470: it is a permanent proscenium arch theatre
  • Memorial Hall seating 280: scaffold seating with performance area on floor
  • Campbell Hall seating 160: raised stage with seating on the floor
  • Drama Centre seating 160: as Memorial Hall
  • Art Block seating 100: intimate space with small stage, no raked seating
  • Fleur de Lys: Classical music lounge, seating 75
  • Falcon: seating 500: a marquee with a raised stage and semi raked seating
  • Festival Marquee: large live music venue
  • Bistro: small live music venue
  • Amphitheatre: open air performance space
  • Music Block: 80 seater ideal for children’s theatre; informal seating
  • 3 x lecture theatres: seating 100, 80 and 80 respectively
  • There are also several workshop venues, including classrooms.

Requirements for Application

Please provide as much of the following information as is applicable to your genre.

  • First Name and Surname
  • Title
  • Genre (classical, jazz, contemporary etc)
  • Example of repertoire
  • Number of performers
  • Instruments
  • Audio requirements
  • Names and bios
  • Links to reviews
  • Links to performance footage
  • A budget for 1 / 2 performances: include all professional fees, wages, rights; do not include travel, accommodation or set / instrument transport but provide details of number in travelling party, from where you will be travelling and an indication of size of set / number of instruments.

Please email your application to

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