Jongosi Youth Day


Would you like your school / drama students to spend a day seeing three different productions, taking part in interactive workshops, attending arts related talks and debates, immersing themselves in visual arts and crafts as well as generally soaking up an arty festival vibe?

This is all happening on Friday 13 September from 09h00 to 16h00 at the Hilton Arts Festival in the grounds of Hilton College. For R 410 per head your students from Grade 7 to 12,  will be able to see three productions of various genres all chosen as they are age appropriate and educational in the broader sense of the word (not syllabus related, specifically). In between watching these productions, learners will be able to join workshops, debates and demonstrations, all arts related, for no extra cost.  There will be a variety of food outlets in the craft market.

The programme will be made public before the end of June and bookings will then open immediately.  Should you wish to receive information please email Julia on , making sure to give an email address that you will have access to during the June / July period.


The Jongosi youth programme is now in its 11th year. The word Jongosi was gifted to the festival by Johnny Clegg who invented it. It comes from the Afrikaans “jong os” (meaning young bullock) and thus represents all that is young, strong, determined and aiming for the future. Clegg, in his inimitable fashion, gave the word an isiZulu spin and thus the term was created.
Jongosi has increasing become a vital component of the HAF as it is having a profound effect on those members of the younger generation who attend it. Theatre and the arts are a tool in building a humane, responsible and rational generation. Exposure to the arts, especially the theatre, builds empathy, teaches teamwork, exposes the youth to history, counters fear of public speaking, teaches self-expression, creativity and lateral thought, bolsters self-confidence and ignites passions.
The aims of Jongosi are:
–          To introduce young people to quality theatre and music of all genres
–          To teach them that theatre entertains, educates and provokes discussion
–          To provide arts related activities / workshops between the shows they will be seeing
–          To make the youth of today, the audiences of tomorrow
–          Art is the soul of any nation. We nurture the soul of our nation through events such as the HAF and the Jongosi youth programme

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