July 17, 2019
July 17, 2019

Having recovered from his early-onset midlife crisis just in time for Cape Town to almost become the world’s first city to run out of water, retired Jewish Olympics leg-spinner and stand-up comedian Nik Rabinowitz decided to explore Cape Town’s water crisis for his show “Dry White”, mostly because everyone thought the drought was going to last forever, which in case you missed it, it didn’t #SpoilerAlert. After mother nature rained on his parade, Nik was forced to discuss other stuff too, like love, marriage, infidelity, transphobia, and staying work post forty, which is like staying awake post forty, but more challenging.

Screamingly funny” – Weekend Argus.

Ek het myself nat gelag” – Minister Patricia de Lille.

RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes

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