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One of three theatre gems from Israel. See also My First Sony and Volunteer Man.

timekeepersWhen Hans, an outrageous young camp German homosexual, and Benjamin, a conservative elderly Jewish man are thrown together in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, they appear at first to have little in common.

Working together, repairing watches for the Nazis under the tyrannical eye of the Capo, suspicion, prejudice, mistrust and indifference slowly give way to a touching friendship.   Benjamin can mend watches. Hans knows how to survive. None of them can really sing opera. So what’s to be done? Humour, apparently, is a great weapon.

This award-winning drama, which has toured Israel to great acclaim with this cast for over seven years, deals with the Holocaust in a way that accentuates the private experience amidst a tragedy of millions.

Written by Dan Clancy, directed by Lee Gilat and performed by Roy Horovitz, Rami Baruch / Pinhas Mittelman, Omer Etzion

The Timekeepers has performed in many countries, receiving excellent reviews and several international awards.  

  • ” An intimate, human and touching drama …  Rami Baruch brings plenty of emotional power… Roy Horovitz’s performance is excellent and overtaking” - The Daily ‘Maariv’, Israel
  • "Both actors deliver humours and charming performances that force us to appreciate the human as opposed to the victim" - TIME OUT, London

A play by Dan Clancy

Director: Lee Gilat
Actors: Roy Horovitz,
Rami Baruch / Pinhas Mittelman, Omer Etzion
Original score: Daniel Salomon
Vocal coach: Prof. Hanna Hacohen

Up to now, it enjoyed successful runs in:

  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Canada
  • U.S.A.
  • South Africa

The play also won his playwright two awards (The Hudson River Classics Playwright’s Award and the Writer’s Digest Playwright’s Contest Award).

Rave Reviews:

  • "This is a really beautiful, intense piece of theatre… It is all too rare to see such a gripping and moving production in a smaller fringe theatre and all involved are to be congratulated… catch it while you can." - The British Theatre Guide
  • "Very strong performances…Not only a good night’s entertainment, but a great one" - Irish Theatre Magazine
  • "The exceptional piece of theatre that comes from Israel is rare indeed. You might expect it to be tense and heartbreaking. And The TimeKeepers is both. It is beautifully, insightfully acted in every moment. Any play set during the Holocaust that is also about private holocausts, and about the cumulative effect of small moral failings, is already doing something special. If it makes you smile, too, well, it is to be prized" - Edmonton Journal
  • "Lee Gilat’s low-key production delivers heartfelt performances from her Israeli cast" The Times
  • " ***** Cheers for powerful duo… It's all too uncommon that a production of such power and polish appears on a festival stage. The play, written by Dan Clancy, unfolds with elegance of a short story. Given that, and the ample post-show buzz in the lobby, this one's a likely word-of-mouth hit" Times Colonist, Canada
  • "The performances of Rami Baruch, Roy Horovitz and Omer Etzion are nuanced and delicately judged, and more than do justice to the complexities of the material, so that, In the end, the catharsis of laughter seems entirely honest" Edmonton See, Canada


Dan Clancy - Playwright

An American playwright, who has had productions of his plays off-broadway, in regional theatres and abroad. Some of those productions include: Volunteer Man (OBIE Award, GLAAD nomination for best play), Two Sisters (Joseph Kesslering Playwright Award), The First Time (book and lyrics, ASCAP Award) and The Perfect Day (book) which was optioned for animation, and won an ASCAP Award. The TimeKeepers ran in London at the Old Red Lion in the fall of 2001. and opened in Tel-Aviv in December 2002, produced by Ocean of Sugar. Dan’s musical, 108 Waverly (book and lyrics), opened at the Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago (February 2004) and in New-York (May 2004).
Lee Gilat - DirectorGraduate of Script Writing School, Tel Aviv.

Founder and Manager: Ocean of Sugar Theatre CollectiveAssistant Director for a year at the old Red Lion Theatre, Angel, London.Director of British playwright Roy Smiles "The Boys of Summer", for Tmuna Theatre in Tel-Aviv. The play received high critical acclaim and is in its 10th year of a successful run throughout Israel.

Producer and Director of events for International Aids Day in Israel for 4 years.Winner of Short Story Competition of Ha-Aretz Newspaper 2003.

Roy Horovitz – 'Hans' 

Graduate of "The Acting Studio- Nisan Nativ"(1995), B.A. and M.A. degrees in Theatre (with Distinction) from Tel Aviv University (2004).2004-2009- Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant of the Beer-Sheva Municipal Theatre, where he held the position of 'The Leading Director' A member of the Artistic Committee of "Theatroneto Festival"- The Israeli Festival of monodramas and one-man-shows.Awarded funding from the "America-Israel Culture Fund", as recognition of achievements (1994–1998).Awarded 'Best Actor' at the International Children and Youth Festival, Haifa 1997.Performed many roles for various theatres in Israel (Haifa Theatre, Beer-Sheva Theatre, The Cameri Theatre, Tmuna Theatre…)Performed in US film "The Body", with Antonio Banderas.

Directed a succession of critically acclaimed productions performed throughout Israel (in Habimah National theatre, The Cameri Theatre, Beer-Sheva Theatre, Hasimta Theatre, acting schools etc.)Lecturer of Play Analysis and Theatre History (Tel-Aviv University, Haifa University, Acting Studio...)
Recent work includes: Directing "Messiah" by Martin Sherman, "Enchanted April" by Mathew Barber, "Beyond Theraphy" by Christopher Durang and "Not About Nightingales" by Tenessee Williams, "Two Rooms" by Lee Blessing, "Miss Sara Sampson" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Acting in Dan Clancy's "The TimeKeepers" (both in English and Hebrew. Up to now, have been performen in Israel, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Poland and Greece) and the jewller in "The Comedy of Errors" by Shakespear (Beer-Sheva Theatre). 

Rami Baruch – ‘Benjamin’

Prestigious Repertory Actor at The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv.Working regularly with late playwright Chanoch Levin.Awarded 1st prize in Akko Festival 1984 for The Dance of Genghis Cohen.Awarded 1st Prize at Monodrama Festival, 1994 for The Tiger.Three times winner of Tel Aviv municipality theatre Award.Winner of 1998 Israeli Theatre Academy Award – Best Supporting Actor, and 2007 – Best Actor Prize.Within a fulfilling and varied career he has performed many leading roles in theatre and in television.

Omer Etzion- 'Capo'

Graduate of Beit Zvi Acting School, where he received several prizes. Participated in many theatre and t.v. productions in Israel.

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